Howdy! I'm Sparkie/Spark
I'm a digital artist and content creator from Mexico
I love drawing MLP and more fandoms
I'm a newest creator content and playing Valorant, Fortnite, Among Us, Minecraft, etc. with my friends!
I can speak spanish and english, but my english es so bad (◕ヘ◕)


˗ˏˋNew Speedpaintˎˊ˗

˗ˏˋNuevo Gameplayˎˊ˗


My channel of YouTube art
I only upload speedpaints when I feel inspired or have time to edit my videos

My channel of YouTube gameplays (Spanish)
I only upload gameplays or clips that I record with my friends

There's my "portfolio"
Here you will find my art in high quality

This is my art facebook profile
I am currently off this social network due to mental health

Here I usually speak in Spanish because of the fandom in which I am there, although I am Multifandom, but from time to time I speak English there

This is my Twitter for NSFW content only
If you come to see this content you are at your own risk!
Profile only in English

Here I usually speak both in English and Spanish in both ways, I see more reels than uploading drawings, but you can also contact me here

This is my Derpibooru account, exclusively MLP content
There is both safe and NSFW and explicit content here, so you are at your own risk.
(You can change the page filter so that only safe or NSFW/explicit content appears)

This is my Spring store, here I will upload content to sell to you, like clothes, home decorations or accessories!

I normally only use this TikTok to see memes, but I also upload drawing processes, edits, or video game clips, as well as animatics or animations

Here you will find all my oc's, both MLP, Furry and Human

Soon I will do direct drawing or playing and being on call with my friends

This carrd is only for use to promote my social networks, if you like my work you can share this same link
If you need to contact me, do not hesitate to do it through any of my networks ♡